Agri Business

An Anaerobic Digestion facility is a source of renewable energy, a means to comply with ever more stringent environment legislation and a potential source of additional income. Energy for Future Generations (EFFG) can provide the funding and the technical expertise needed to build a facility. We are also able manage the relationship with Environment Agency and Regional Grant Funding Bodies.

EFFG is now seeking to engage farmers, livestock owners and estate managers to explore the potential for Anaerobic Digestion in their business. By providing feedstock (link) to an EFFG plant or by hosting one of our plants on your estate you could secure the following benefits;


  • A cheaper and more environmentally responsible form of waste disposal
  • Secure a reliable and cheaper source of energy for your company
  • Demonstrate your businesses commitment to more sustainable business practices
  • Secure European Grant funding and develop additional income streams for your business.